Sylvia Loch

Now based in Suffolk.

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Classical Dressage is the real thing, the original - in all its purity. It should be very simple. It is nothing more nor less than practising dressage with a correct seat and correct training methods.

Classical Dressage is correct for the horse, correct for you, and correct for that moment in time. The horse hasn't changed in thousands of years, neither have human beings. We are all ruled by the same physical laws of nature, which is why there is no middle way. Only correct, and incorrect.

                                                                                                    Sylvia Loch - Welcome to my site….

Sylvia Loch started with ponies aged 8 and by the age of 15 was teaching

children and their parents.  Originally a keen hunter and jumper, she became

involved with classical dressage when she first landed on Portuguese soil in l969 and fell in love with the Lusitano horse.

Too numerous to list are her sell-out Clinics and Lecture-Demos

which have taken her all over the UK and abroad from New Zealand to Brazil, Australia to Canada and throughout the USA.   

She has ridden and performed for the last 3 years at YOUR HORSE LIVE and still writes for the programme of

The Spanish Riding School when it comes to England

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Sylvia and Queijada, 2012 taken by Nathalie Todd for her new book The Balanced Horse

Sylvia on Tommy… note the footwear, Clarks school sandals! She only got her first pair of jodhpur boots at 12,.

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Sylvia Loch & Colonel Christian Carde of Saumur

Sylvia Loch & Carl Hester doing Q&A at the Dressage Convention

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