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Sylvia has moved back South to Suffolk having left her beautiful yard in the rolling Scottish Borders countryside behind. She is now enjoying for the first time ever having her Lusitano Stallion Prazer at livery. She lives close by with her dogs and cat and lives only a mile or so from her daughter Allegra. It is here, in between writing and other commitments, that Sylvia takes on selected private pupils, often from overseas, on a one-to-one basis. Sylvia has accommodation on site when available or there are plenty of B&B’s and lovely hotels in the area,. Please see the Lessons page or Dressage Courses for more information and booking.

(Our beautiful view here in the Scottish borders)

Photo -Allegra Loch

‘I still teach on Lusitano schoolmasters since they adore their work and are definitely the easiest horses on which to give people a feel for the more advanced movements. I am very strict about weight limits and none of my horses work more than one hour a day with some cross-country work in between and at least one day off per week. Since places are limited, there is generally a waiting list for lessons. I do not take complete beginners as there are excellent schools which cater for these, but I will take people new to dressage provided they can ride! For details of lessons, an email or SAE will generally elicit a response!’

Sylvia with her much beloved dogs

Sylvia and granddaughter Aurelia

Sylvia on Quejada - Photo Nathalie Todd

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