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The Classical Riding Club was started in 1995 to put the emphasis back on better riding.   Many people feared that the traditional, classical methods and ethics of riding were being by-passed in favour of quick-fix modern methods.

For this reason, we created a new system of Judge Training.  We devised Marksheets which would reward good riding practice in equal measure to good horse performance.  We also produced Dressage Tests which incorporated the correct schooling of the horse.

So much is expected of the horse these days - better breeding, better paces, better results.  This is fine but only if based upon a good Partnership between horse and rider.  All this is reflected in our Literature, Archives and Charter.


Over the years there have been many discussions with other top professionals who contribute to our pages.  They and our Members appreciate that the Club was formed to give everyone a chance to work together.  That way, as a body, we could give the horse back his dignity, his pride and his beauty.

As a Club we have given a lead to many other organisations and individuals to make our collective voices heard in high places.  With your help we will continue to do so until people learn once again that it is never the horse's fault and as human beings it is our duty to have the patience and education to know how to ride them.

The Classical Riding Club (CRC)